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Welcome to the Men's Journey Today Podcast

Men's Journey Today is a space where Men can find the resources and support they need to have Love, Happiness and Freedom in their life.

We help you become a better husband, a better father, a better leader and a better entrepreneur.

Join us in creating an international movement!

"Calin always knocks it out of the park with any project that he undertakes, this podcast is no different. A straight shooter that doesn't hold back, Calin unravels numerous touchy areas in his first couple of episodes of this podcast that a lot of hosts try and avoid. If you only had one podcast in your arsenal, make sure it's the Men's Journey Today Podcast."

Jacques Van Heerden


About me and my podcast

Hey there! I am Calin Saft, Men's Coach and Founder of Men's Journey Today. I created this Podcast with one purpose: I want men to find here the resources and support they need in all major areas of their life - Self Discovery and Personal Growth, Health, Relationships, Career and Business.