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Archive for May 2017

Episode 12: Nathan Seaward: The HyperSonic Effect


On today’s episode we welcome Nathan Seaward. Nathan flies 767’s for a living, he’s done it for over a decade. He grew up in New Zealand and now lives in Japan. Nathan spends half of the month flying and has dedicated the other half of the month to exploring the world and pursuing his passions.…

Episode 11: Calin Saft: The Secrets Men Keep – Maidens, Nymphs and Sexuality


Welcome to the third part of the “Secrets Men Keep Series” We will explore today the deeper aspects of the ritual initiation in masculinity and try to better understand the intimate and sexual issues that men face in their romantic relationships. Key Points From This Episode We all know who the Maidens are. In mythology, the Hero…

Episode 10: John P. Morgan: Rise of the Alpha Omega Male


On today’s show I am joined by John P. Morgan. John is one of the most inspiring and creative coaches I know. His vision is a more connected and loving world which he helps create by challenging leaders to discover a whole and integrative worldview and to embody a radically deep personal integrity. John has…

Episode 9: Calin Saft: The Secrets Men Keep – Romantic Relationships


Welcome to the second part of the “Secrets that Men Keep” series. Today we are going to talk about Romantic Relationships. Have you ever felt insecure in your relationships? Are you afraid of being abandoned, have low self-esteem, are self-critical and need approval and reassurance from your partner? Or do you rather experience a fear…

Episode 8: Simon Crowe: The Art Of Coaching – You Are The One You Have Been Looking For

Simon Crowe

On today’s show I am joined by Simon Crowe. Simon runs a specialists coaching and consultancy practice focused on transformational leadership and empowerment. He has lived and travelled around the world, creating partnerships with influential artists, executives, entrepreneurs, leaders, and humanitarians developing and delivering inspiring projects that positively impact the world. Simon has helped clients…