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Archive for June 2017

Episode 16: Robert Kandell: Men’s Sexual Shame


Joining me today is writer, coach, and lecturer, Robert Kandell. Since 2002, Robert has participated in more than 2,000 live events, workshops, lectures, and podcasts. He’s also the cofounder of OneTaste, a business dedicated to research and teaching the practices of orgasmic meditation and slow sex, which has been featured on The Today Show, New…

Episode 15: Special Announcement: Free Coaching for Men Recovering from a Painful Breakup or Divorce


I have made a commitment to serve 100 guys that are currently recovering from a painful breakup or divorce in the following 90 days.  Why? To support men in the audience and deepen my coaching practice. If this is you, you have a rare opportunity to experience a FREE, 2 hour, powerful coaching session with…

Episode 14: John Lee Dumas: Overcoming the Impostor Syndrome


On today’s show I am joined by the founder and host of the EOFire Podcast, the entrepreneur on fire himself, John Lee Dumas! John may be an entrepreneur now, but he has not always been one. The day he graduated from Providence College, he was commissioned as an officer in the U.S Army. After a…

Episode 13: Calin Saft: Time is Not Refundable


My birthday is coming up in a few days so I want to share my thoughts on a quote related to the passing of time that I’ve been pondering over recently: People waste years of their lives and then, they beg for a few moments at the end. This quote belongs to the romanian historian,…