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Men's Journey Today: Challenge What's Possible



Hello, I am Calin Saft, Men’s Coach and Founder of


I am passionate about human psychology, personal growth, lifestyle design and adventure travel.


I am married to a wonderful woman and we’ve been on an incredible journey together for the last 10 years. We had failures and successes, we learned a lot and we still have much to learn. We are raising our two boys to become free men with deep love and respect for life.


I choose to live each day according to these principles that guide me:


I am enough

I always keep my word

I can only teach you what I am

I choose to create space for travel and adventure in my life

I have deep love and respect for life

I live each day with passion and purpose

I live each day ready to meet God



I created the Men's Journey Today podcast with one purpose: I want men to find here in one place, the resources and support they need in all major areas of their life – Self Discovery and Personal Growth, Relationships, Health, Career and Business.


If you got caught up in your old ‘unconscious’ ways of doing things and you feel stuck and frustrated, you can find the inspiration you need right here.


Men's Journey Today is the space where grounded, self-motivated men come to learn from lifestyle entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, relationship experts and world-class coaches how to create the relationship of their dreams and their freedom business, how to reach their health and fitness goals, and so much more!


Men from all over the world are all ready part of this movement.


Men’s Journey Today is here to serve YOU!