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Episode 44: Gregory Long: From Limitations to Freedom, Love and Success


Joining me today is Greg Long. Greg is a bold leader who makes a difference that makes a difference. Overcoming personal obstacles in life and challenging himself to be a better person, Greg became a premier homebuilder in Birmingham Michigan who after building a multi-million-dollar company in 13 years decided to close his business to…

Episode 40: Kirsty Hanly: Me. You. Us. – The Relationship, Sex and Intimacy Journey


Joining me today is Kirsty Hanly. Kirsty is a coach, cognitive hypnotherapist, teacher, writer, and speaker working in Harley Street, London and internationally. Her mission is to guide people toward living more inspired and inspiring lives – in their careers, in their relationships and sex and in how they move in the world – able…

Episode 34: Diana Mandell: Dating Doesn’t Have to Suck


Joining me today is international dating coach and relationship expert, Diana Mandell. Diana specializes in helping men find and keep healthy and sustainable relationships with women they once thought were out of their league. Her clients refer to her as the Female Hitch. Since 2012, Diana has developed and perfected a personalized and exclusive dating…

Episode 21: Calin Saft: Secure Attachment


Today’s episode is dedicated to all the fathers listening, as I am going to talk about the key ingredient in building a great relationship with your children, and that is a secure attachment. “Attachment is an inborn system of the brain that evolved to keep the child safe. It enables the child to (1) seek…

Episode 19: Calin Saft: 8 Signs that Your Marriage Will Stand the Test of Time


In today’s episode, I want to talk about the 8 signs that you are in the right relationship and your marriage is going to stand the test of time. But first things first. Some people get married for the wrong reasons. Here are the most common: 1. She is pregnant. Although in some cultures this…