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Episode 1: Dr. Ray Doktor: Finding Your Purpose is the Key to Identifying Who You Are

Dr. Ray Doktor, who is a doctor in clinical psychology and specializes in relationship coaching, intimacy and sexuality issues, dating advice, life coaching, and career paths. Dr. Ray has conducted workshops and lectures in the Unites States, the Netherlands, Brazil, and England. He has shared the same stage with Marianne Williamson, Bruce Lipton, and Eckhart Tolle. Dr. Ray has appeared on the E Channel, HBO, Playboy Radio, LA Talk Radio. He has also been quoted in and written articles for Psychology Today, Los Angeles Times, and Men’s Health. Dr. Ray resides in Santa Monica, California and loves bike riding, surfing, and he is also the lead singer of a rock band.

Key Points From This Episode:

Hear Dr. Ray’s story and how he got started down his career path.
Discover how Dr. Ray ended up with health issues and claimed bankruptcy at the age of 26.
Dr. Ray shares how advice he received from an alcohol counselor lead him into his career.
Understand why the world is the reflection of you, and how life experiences are always moving through you.
Learn why purpose is the most important thing for both men and women to identify who you are.
Find out why in life you can only be what you are being, not what you are doing.
Dr. Ray shares why it is so critical to have a good relationship with yourself, not just others.
Understand why questioning your deep rooted beliefs is a key part in self-actualization.
The one book Dr. Ray recommends that all men read, and why.
Advice that Dr. Ray wish he would have received as a young man, which he will share with his own son.

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