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Episode 10: John P. Morgan: Rise of the Alpha Omega Male

On today’s show I am joined by John P. Morgan. John is one of the most inspiring and creative coaches I know. His vision is a more connected and loving world which he helps create by challenging leaders to discover a whole and integrative worldview and to embody a radically deep personal integrity. John has been supporting leaders and entrepreneurs around the world since the late 90s though this work become his profession in 2009.Beyond his one-to-one work he has been invited to share his ideas and spirit on numerous stages including Global Citizens Forum, BBC, TEDx, YES Group and many more.

Previous to his current work with leaders and post formal studies in Physics and Mathematics. John founded a property investing business and then from a backpack he founded a web media company serving local and global non-profits. He has travelled the world and lived nomadically for three years, coached human rights leaders, recorded and toured as a musician in bands, funded development of a kids library in Cambodia, published travel writing and photography, competed as a black belt and triathlete, performed as a professional magician, studied with Buddhist monks and spiritual teachers, paraglide the Swiss Alps, cycled solo for thousands of miles and gone on many other adventures.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • John introduces us to the Alpha Omega Male project.
  • Hear more about John’s relationship with his wife in relation to the Alpha Omega Male.
  • Find out how to know when to connect to your Omega and when to connect to your Alpha.
  • Learn what John means by committing to follow the deepest desires of his wife’s heart and soul.
  • Understand why you sometimes need to shut down your cognitive process in order to feel.
  • Find out what book John highly recommends to help men understand how to feel women.
  • Learn why you can create who you are.
  • John tells us more about projects that he’s excited about.
  • And much more!
Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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