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Episode 12: Nathan Seaward: The HyperSonic Effect

On today’s episode we welcome Nathan Seaward. Nathan flies 767’s for a living, he’s done it for over a decade. He grew up in New Zealand and now lives in Japan. Nathan spends half of the month flying and has dedicated the other half of the month to exploring the world and pursuing his passions. He also became fascinated with minimalism, a concept and a community that promotes reducing all of the excess “stuff” in your life so you can focus on the things you truly love. He has now sold almost everything he owns except some bare essentials.

Nathan has travelled to over 25 countries in 3 years and most importantly, the relationships with the important people in my life are stronger than ever. He’s now committed to inspiring people to live a more exciting, fulfilled life where they feel that they are truly reaching their full potential. He coaches a small group of highly motivated, ambitious people that are committed to doing everything to take their life to the next level.


Key Points From This Episode:

• Nathan tells us more about his current projects and the reason behind quitting his day job.

• Hear more about the coping mechanisms Nathan used to overcome challenges in his life.

• Find out how embracing his sexual orientation publicly impacted Nathan’s life.

• Hear more about Nathan’s mission to combat male suicides.

• Understand how Nathan’s mission drives his professional life.

• Find out why Nathan has decided to end his flying career to pursue a more purposeful life.

• Discover how Nathan deals with doubts and negativity surrounding him.

• Learn what questions you need to constantly be asking yourself.

• Nathan shares on overcoming your fears and taking risks.

• Hear which book Nathan highly recommends for every man to read and why.

• Find out what advice Nathan would give his 20 year old self.

• Discover which projects excite Nathan and what we have to look forward to.


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