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Episode 20: Daniel Thomas: An Evolved Perspective on Diet and Lifestyle

On today’s episode we welcome Daniel Thomas. Daniel is the CEO of EvolutionEat, and a partner and cofounder of Rich20Something, an education platform for millennials and entrepreneurs. He is a world class copywriter and funnel hacker as well as a business coach and advisor. Exceptionally good at high performance coaching, as it pertains to diet and lifestyle, Daniel works with executives, entrepreneurs, therapists, doctors, pilots, writers, professors, full-time mommas, and anyone who dares to be awesome.

Daniel is a teacher and guide, whose mission is to help you learn the process of mastering your diet by building a lifestyle that supports your goals. His vision is to make an impact on a million lives. Today on the podcast we talk with Daniel about lifestyle design, our relationship with food, and taking control of our health.


Key Points From This Episode:

• Daniel tells us how he got started on his journey.

• Hear how acting made Daniel see that he can create his own path.

• Find out how Daniel became fascinated with food.

• Learn how Daniel overcame his addiction with food using the mastery module.

• Understand why your food choices are important as well as your mindset and habits.

• Discover why you need to plan, prepare and strategize.

• Hear how healthy eating needs to become a lifestyle, not a quick fix.

• Learn how making mistakes and learning from them is the mastery to a fulfilled life.

• Find out whether Daniel finds it hard to build relationships with his clients.

• Understand why Daniel focuses on rhythm and energetic connections.

• Discover how stress triggers moments of weakness.

• Hear how we’re abusing food and how diets get pushed onto people.

• Learn why you need to build up a holistic strategy that keeps you balanced and anchored.

• Find out why you need to externalize and be confident enough to talk about your journey.

• Daniel encourages listeners to write to him and share their stories so he can help.

• Daniel identifies one book every man should read.

• Hear why you should speak your truth and follow your intentions.

• Hear what piece of advice Daniel’s father never got to tell him.

• Find out what projects excite Daniel.

• And much more!


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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Rich20Something —

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Michael Singer’s book, The Untethered Soul — Journey-Beyond-Yourself/dp/1572245379/

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