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Episode 29: Calin Saft: Materializing Your Dreams

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Last week I started a new series in which I want to share with you the most common problems and difficulties that guys that I work with are facing and how to get past those challenges.

This week’s challenge is Materializing Your Dreams.

The men I work with have a big mission and a big heart and they want to leave a dent in the Universe.

The problem is that sometimes they get caught up in their thoughts and visions and fantasies and they need help materializing their dreams.

If this is you, you know exactly what I’m talking about:

You tend to dissipate your energy on social engagements and utopian causes, you are a mental traveler with a powerful dream life, and your challenge is to find the proper place for this in your life.

In an attempt to ground your energy, you may have tried to live through your friends, letting them act out your far-fetched fantasies.

I believe you should dedicate yourself to using all your creative energy to achieving a great goal for the good of mankind. However, you must resist the temptation to daydream of what could be. Dare to be bold and embrace your intense creativity and come out of your dreams into the world of reality.

No more excuses. Stop talking about what could be and start doing. Enough is enough! Take massive action. Create!

I know that having confidence is one of the key components here: you think that you need to be ‘naturally’ confident in order to materialize your dreams. You are wrong. You see, confidence is a result, not a requirement – this is a powerful distinction that I have learned from Rich Litvin. You cannot be confident about the success of your project until you actually create your project and witness it’s success. And then you build your confidence in a natural way. If you decide to postpone starting your project just waiting to become “more confident” and ready, you might never actually begin.

As you start taking responsibility for the world you have created through your thoughts, you shape your own identity. You must own this process.

Learn to be conscious of the real motives that fuel you. If you create from low or base motives, you will find your fantasies materialize in perverse ways and you will have to live with their consequences longer than you ever imagined possible. So be sure your motives are pure.

Learn to be who you are under all circumstances.

You will bring out the best in yourself by meditating on what your values are and then determining how best to channel your considerable talents towards furthering them.

Ultimately, you must not be a follower of dreams but someone who is grounded in the here and now. Only when you are fully in the present can you begin to use your gift of “wish power” to create a better future for yourself and others.

I know all of this can be scary and overwhelming. I also know that you often feel lonely despite being surrounded by people. Perhaps no one being available to help when you really need it, is how the universe supports you in developing a strong sense of self, for you are here to learn to be an independent individual.

Avoid any tendency to feel sorry for yourself when others “abandon” you. The path is to become goal-oriented, and the universe will support you in developing inner strength. Just begin your journey and others will follow you, for you have strong leadership abilities. Once you set sail for a certain course, little can stop you and people will join you. The right people. As Calvin Wayman puts it – Let your vibe attract your tribe!

I know that intense one-on-one relationships are not comfortable for you, but you will find luck in any venture where you lead with your heart and involve yourself personally. Allow people who share your vision to be closer to you and You won’t regret it. The people closest to me in the last 10 years are those who shared my vision and ideals from the very beginning.

Finally, be flamboyant in accomplishing tasks.  Cultivate your individual personality.  Others will notice your magnetic presence.   Take leadership positions when they are offered to you. Do not be afraid to organize the world around you, for you are here to create a stable life yourself and others, and to be recognized for your efforts.
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Thank you for listening!

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