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Episode 32: Jesse Ortiz: Lifestyle Conversations

Joining me today is Jesse Ortiz, a hardcore Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Host of

Jesse was inspired to embark on this journey of lifestyle design by none other than the 4hr workweek. However it was not until 12 years after the corporate grind that he started becoming more conscious of what he really wanted out of life. He knew there were many business opportunities out there but he has discovered that a well lived life goes way beyond just making a ton of money and acquiring stuff to fill your life. So now his main goal in life is to become the best version of himself and creating the best life experience possible, but most importantly he wants to inspire you to do the same!


Key Points from this Episode:

Jesse tels us how he got started on his journey.

Find out what are the very first stepts into building the life, business and impact that you’ve dreamed of.

Learn how to cope during moments of crisis like losing a job or going through a divorce.

Hear how Jesse dealt with strong emotional turmoil.

Learn how to grow with your partner rather than growing appart from her/him.

Jesse shares how he rose up from his failures by cultivationg his passions.

Define who you are by trying new experience.

Discover what resources do you have at your disposal for personal growth.

Find out how to build your business/career around your lifestyle rather than building a lifestyle around your business/career.

Understand how to fight the nice guy sindrome by setting boundaries.

Jesse identifies one book that every man must read.

Hear what piece of advice Jesse’s father never got to tell him.

And so much more!

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Jesse’s website:

Jesse’s Podcast:

Tim Ferris, The 4 Hour Work Week –

Eckart Tolle, The Power of Now –

Napoleon Hill, Outwitting the Devil –



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