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Episode 35: Special Announcement: Men’s Workshop in London

I have a special announcement today: I am thrilled to invite you guys to an incredible event for men on the 7th of October, in London.

At this special men only workshop, five experienced, driven and passionate men’s coaches will come together to give you the best of what they have learnt over the years. I am one of the 5 coaches of course, and I’ve partnered up with other 4 powerful men’s coaches that are making a dent in the Universe through their amazing work.

The aim of this event is to introduce you guys to various techniques and resources that will help you on your journey of becoming a better husband, father and leader and connect you with a community of like-minded men that go through similar experiences, struggles and challenges as you are, so that you can support each other.

If you need help to rise above challenges like failing to live at your full potential, not finding your purpose, co-creating unsatisfying or even toxic relationships with women and not being able to create meaningful relationships with other men, join us this October in London, and your world will change forever.

You will be taken on a journey inside yourself to explore parts of you that might be holding you back from your best, most productive and fulfilled self. You will learn more about yourself, limiting beliefs and your destructive patterns; as well as developing techniques and learning tools through interesting and insightful exercises.

I will be coaching a few lucky individuals directly from stage, using tools like spontaneous dramatization and dramatic self-presentation to help them investigate and gain insights into their lives. Having the opportunity to re-enact memories of specific happenings in the person’s past, unfinished situations, inner dramas, fantasies, preparations for future risk-taking situations, or unrehearsed expressions of mental states, you will be able to reflect on your behavior, more deeply understand particular situations in your life, and create positive change.

“Heal the boy and the man will appear” Tony Robbins

In the following weeks, you will have the chance to meet my co-hosts of this amazing event, Yaron Engler, Faisal Khokhar, Jorge Crecis and Nathan Seaward!

Each Friday, one of the guys will be joining me on the podcast to share their vision for this event and give you more details about the amazing experience they have planned for you.

So, if you are in London on the 7th of October 2017, come join us! Buy your ticket at a mega-early bird price before August 31st and we will see you there!

Purchase your ticket here:

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