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Episode 37: Men’s Workshop in London – meet Jorge Crecis

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I promised you guys that in the following weeks, you will have the chance to meet my 4 co-hosts for the amazing men’s workshop that will take place on the 7th of October in London.


Joining me today is Jorge Crecis.

Jorge is the ultimate personal trainer. For many years he has worked with dance personalities and music legends such as Carlos Acosta, Paul McCartney and Natasha Khan among others. 
Through working with these incredible people, he has understood and picked up all their best tips, advice and secrets on how to be their best at all times. Not happy with simply understanding it, he now wants to share these secrets in order to support anyone else who wants to be their best on a daily basis. He is currently a PhD candidate creating a unique methodology to train and replicate the state of mind associated with peak performance.

Jorge will be leading a practical session where you will learn a series of simple exercises on how to use your body as a gateway to reach the augmented you. The work is directed to the core of your nervous system, an holistic way to work body, mind and spirit to imprint the change you want to make in your DNA, quite literally.



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