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Episode 39: Men’s Workshop in London – meet Yaron Engler

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I promised you guys that in the following weeks, you will have the chance to meet my 4 co-hosts for the amazing men’s workshop that will take place on the 7th of October in London.


Joining me today is Yaron Engler.

Yaron is a men’s coach, speaker, husband, father and world-class musician who brings men back to themselves. Through his men’s groups, public speaking, workshops and one-to-one work, Yaron helps remove barriers of thoughts, repression of emotions and create instead the most direct path for their journey towards freedom and a more fulfilling life.

“There are times in a man’s life when to be disrupted is the most powerful thing that can happen to him.”

Through conversation, embodiment work and breathing exercises, Yaron will guide you towards your own unique path in life. On this path, you will lead life with deep and meaningful connection to yourself, others, and to the strength and truth of your full potential.



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