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Episode 40: Kirsty Hanly: Me. You. Us. – The Relationship, Sex and Intimacy Journey

Joining me today is Kirsty Hanly.

Kirsty is a coach, cognitive hypnotherapist, teacher, writer, and speaker working in Harley Street, London and internationally. Her mission is to guide people toward living more inspired and inspiring lives – in their careers, in their relationships and sex and in how they move in the world – able to become lit from the inside. Kirsty specialises in helping people to let go of their unconscious blocks to success to enable them to shine their light brightly in order to create more love, connection, and harmony in the world that we live in. Over the past few years, Kirsty has been on a deep journey on the theme of connection, love and intimacy in her own life and with her clients. She has worked personally with a variety of teachers, and practitioners in this area and recently has been deepening her understanding into the work of David Deida which she gladly brings to this workshop.

“My passion is in helping people to live more soul connected inspired and inspiring lives – in their relationships, in sex, and in life. Exploring the masculine and feminine energies that we all hold is transformational in creating beautiful, open-hearted deeply connected relationships. I guide people into powerful journeys where they have the space to find out about themselves and the others their lives in order to begin to create the relationships, love and sexual intimacy they most want to expereince.”


Key Points From Today’s Episode:

Hear Kirsty’s story and find out how she got started on her journey.

Find out how to overcome some of the most common challenges people face in romantic relationships.

Discover the book Kirsty thinks every guy should read and the advice she would give her 20 year old self.

Kirsty shares a piece of advice for men recovering from a painful breakup or divorce and the projects that currently excite her!


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Me. You. Us. Workshop
(30th September 2017, London, England)
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