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Episode 44: Gregory Long: From Limitations to Freedom, Love and Success

Joining me today is Greg Long.

Greg is a bold leader who makes a difference that makes a difference.

Overcoming personal obstacles in life and challenging himself to be a better person, Greg became a premier homebuilder in Birmingham Michigan who after building a multi-million-dollar company in 13 years decided to close his business to pursue his authentic dreams.

He is a lead instructor for Reaching Higher Inc., a youth leadership course that originated in 1997. Reaching Higher is in over 40 High School, Middle, and Elementary schools and servicing five local counties. Greg provides a place for potentially high-risk students to communicate freely and discover their highest potential.

For the last five years, Greg has also been a dedicated executive consultant and Life coach. His specialties include: empowering individuals and companies to operate and design an environment that provides the freedom to create a powerful future.


Key Points From this Episode:

Hear Greg’s story and find out how he got started on his journey.

Find out how the story that people create for themselves attracts actions and situations that always confirm it and how to break this toxic cycle.

Discover how to deal with conflicts before they even start by attaching positive meanings to those first signs of conflict.

Learn how to build meaningful and authentic relationships with those around you, and how to become emotionally connected to other people.

Discover Greg’s favorite book and the advice he would give his 20 year-old self.

Greg shares a piece of advice for guys recovering form a painful breakup or divorce.

And so much more!


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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