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Episode 45: Tripp Lanier: The New Man – Beyond the Macho Jerk and the New Age Wimp

Joining me today is Tripp Lanier, Coach, Entrepreneur and Host of The New Man Podcast.

Tripp specializes in coaching people to become the best version of themselves by creating a space for them to discover their authentic selves and owning what they stand for instead of acting like someone they aren’t, or seeking guidance form an external authority.

Tripp’s vision helps men in their ultimate purpose of having more meaningful relationships in their lives, inspiring and making an impact on others, and being the authentic new man in today’s world.


Key Points from Today’s Episode:

Hear Tripp’s story and find out how he got started on his journey of entrepreneurship and coaching.

Learn how to connect with the men surrounding you at a deeper level and create your band of brothers.

Discover the value of creating rites of passage for your son.

Hear the piece of advice Tripp would give to his 20 year old self.

Tripp shares a piece of advice his father never got to share with him about being a man in today’s world.

Find out more about the projects that currently excite Tripp!

And so much more!


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