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Episode 46: Adam Quiney: The Smartest Guy in the Room

Joining me today is Adam Quiney.

Adam is an obsessive perfectionist, a high-performer, a former lawyer, and a current life coach. After four years of self-discovery and coaching, he has learned that he has a pretty big heart. He always resisted this fact, because having a big heart means you can get hurt.  Instead he learned to filter everything through his brain, perform to receive love, and created a career out of doing so.

Here are some other interesting facts about Adam: before coaching and law, he was a software developer and project manager; he used to teach popping and locking (and have trained with the founders of both dance styles); he has a boston terrier named Grimby that he loves more than life itself; he can’t watch cheesy movies without crying; and even after all of the work he’s done, he still struggles to let go of his constant nature to strive.


Key Points From Today’s Episode:

Adam tells us how he got started on his journey to coaching, marking a big turning point in his life.

We talk about finding a niche in your business (Adam brakes down the way he has found his) and growing a service based business by good word of mouth (by invitation and referral only).

Discover the book Adam thinks every man must read.

Find out why the advice that Adam would give his 20 year-old self is the same advice he would give his 38 year-old self.

Adam shares the projects that currently excite him!

And so much more!


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