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Episode 51: Micheal Hilton: Tap Into Your Power and Break Free From Toxic Habits

Joining me today is Micheal Hilton, a transformation coach, speaker, and co-host of the Men On Form podcast. 

From his life experience in which he has risen from one of the darkest places a person could experience, he had found the way to tap into his willpower and break free from the vicious circles that had characterized most of his life.

Growing up without a father, without a direction or a person to genuinely and profoundly connect to, battling with depression and suicidal thoughts, Micheal had resorted to drugs and alcohol which further sent his life into a downward spiral.

Eventually, all on his own, he had found the inner strength to fight his addictions, his negative environment and every negative coping mechanism that he had developed.

Micheal now comes from a place of power in which he inspires other men and helps them break free from their own blocks and chains, and proficiently creates the space for his clients to unlearn their negative coping mechanisms, to confront their life challenges and become the husbands and fathers they have always wanted to be

Key Points from Today’s Episode:

Micheal shares his story about overcoming drug and alcohol addictions.

Discover the importance of reaching out for help while struggling with anxiety, depression and addictions, and not doing this journey alone.

Experience the power of Life Coaching: a single insight has the power to create new possibilities in your life.

Discover the two books Micheal believes every man should read.

Learn the advice Micheal would give to his younger self.

Hear the advice Micheal wants to share with the younger generation about being a man in today’s world.

And so much more!

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