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Episode 52: Sharif H. Joynson: Become a Relationship Samurai

Joining me today is writer, personal development and relationship coach, unarmed combat instructor, former soldier and personal trainer, Sharif H. Joynson!

Sharif’s purpose is to reshape men’s presence in the world into one of integrity, inner strength, radical honesty and self-ownership. He coaches men and couples, writes for various publications and consults marketing companies on topics relating to men and relationships.


Key Points From This Episode:

Sharif shares how he got started on his journey of self mastery and personal growth.

Discover the difference between ‘the masculine’ and ‘masculinity’.

Applying the principles of Japanese martial arts in personal development and coaching techniques:

-Mushin:The non-labeling presence

-Zanshin: The awareness

-Fugoshin: The steady mind

Learn about the British Gentleman and the Samurai Warrior archetypes.

Learn how to relax the unauthentic layers of your personality.

Improve your couple life by tapping into the power of ‘validation’ and hearing the ‘request behind the criticism’.

Sharif recommends a book that every man must read.

Discover the piece of advice Sharif would give to his 20 year old self.

And so much more!


Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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David Deida:

David Deida, ‘The Way of the Superior Man’:

Eckhart Tolle ‘The Power of Now’:


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