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Episode 54: Ted Lowe: Marriage is Easier than You Think

Hey guys,

Joining me today to talk about building a marriage that lasts is blogger and speaker, Ted Lowe.

Ted is the director of MarriedPeople, the marriage division at The reThink Group (also known as Orange), a non-profit organization devoted to influencing those who influence the next generation.

Through humor, transparency, biblical wisdom, research, and a massive amount of actionable advice, Ted helps married couples tackle their challenges and become their best “US”.

Ted is the author of Your Best US: Marriage is Easier than You Think.


Key Points from Today’s Episode:

  • Discover some of the biggest challenges men face in their relationships today and how to overcome them.
  • Find out the key distinction between feeling and fixing a problem for your partner.
  • Understand why dating nights can save your marriage and improve your relationships with your children.
  • Discover Ted’s opinion on keeping a relationship for the sake of your kids.
  • Hear the piece of advice Ted would give his 20 year-old self.
  • And so much more!


Links mentioned in today’s episode:

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Ted’s book, Your Best US: Marriage is Easier than You Think:

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