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Episode 8: Simon Crowe: The Art Of Coaching – You Are The One You Have Been Looking For

On today’s show I am joined by Simon Crowe. Simon runs a specialists coaching and consultancy practice focused on transformational leadership and empowerment. He has lived and travelled around the world, creating partnerships with influential artists, executives, entrepreneurs, leaders, and humanitarians developing and delivering inspiring projects that positively impact the world. Simon has helped clients create multi-million pound investments from nothing, he has coached CEO’s to build thriving companies, philanthropists to set up charities, couples to conceive, and lovers to start fantastic relationships.

His curiosity has led him to many interesting parts of the world and worked in Europe, Africa, India, and the US and has worked with clients as far afield as Russia, New Zealand, Hungary, and Singapore. He recently returned from Liberia in West Africa where he shared the stage with leaders like Rich Litvin, Spryte Loriano, and Kimmie Weeks at and empowerment event for 400 teachers. He is now based in London with his two greatest teachers — his American wife, Stacey and teenage daughter, India.

Key Points From This Episode:

• Simon tells us how he got started on his journey to coaching, marking a big turning point.

• Hear some of the beliefs that were limiting Simon before he started working with a coach.

• Learn why Simon believes listening is the best thing a coach can do for anybody.

• Find out about some methods Simon uses in his coaching conversations.

• Learn about the type of clients Simon works with and the ways he supports them.

• Find out how Simon encourages his clients to dream big and take tiny steps to reach goals.

• Understand why Simon works with a coach himself, believing in his own process.

• Discover how Simon supports high profile clients that are more successful than himself.

• Understand the level of trust between the relationship of coach and client.

• Find out more about Simon’s projects in Liberia, supporting and empowering the community.

• Simon talks about structure and standing by your convictions.

• Hear as Simon shares about the most important piece of advice he incorporated into his life.

• And much more!

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